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Technical Design

Show control design consulting from the show control experts. 

Our focus is always on the quality of the design, the engineered solution and the control system programming. For this reason we remain manufacturer independent selecting the most appropriate products for the project.

A typical project, such as an AV intensive theme park dark ride or fixed installation show spectacular, involves our engineers working with the creative design team to develop a detailed design and technical specification for the show control and other related systems. We co-ordinate with the other technical specialists within the project team, including lighting designers, media producers, ride & special effects vendors to ensure an integrated design that is efficiently implemented on site.

We produce detailed technical designs, from high level control philosophy flow diagrams, to detailed electrical drawings, schematics, cable schedules, IP and IO schedules - Everything that is required to deliver the project.






Robust, reliable and elegantly engineered control system programming.

Show control programming is our core business. Our team's strong industrial engineering background is evident in our work. We work primarily with show control systems from Medialon and Alcorn McBride, PLC systems from Beckhoff and Allen Bradley, video systems from 7th Sense Design and Modulo, audio systems from QSC / QSYS and Peavey…. Amongst others.

In addition to providing control programming as part of our complete project service, we also provide our highly specialist and much sought after programming and software development services direct to AV system integrators, museums events companies and theme parks.

With an experience of over 20 years specialising in show control & automation systems we are recognised as the show control experts.




Manufacture of specialist custom show control systems.

We manufacture specialist custom show control systems, supplying technical solutions, from small one box controllers to complete park-wide, networked theme park show control systems.

We work extensively with Medialon, Beckhoff / TwinCAT and AllenBradley / Rockwell control solutiions, from simple PLC applications to complex multi-axis motion control systems and life safety control systems. We specialise in developing safety rated PLC systems for theme parks rides and live shows. We work to standards provided by clients as well as adhering to, or going beyond the international relevant standards for machine and personnel safety.

We design and build everything in house in our UK workshops then ship world wide as required.



From concept to completion, our turnkey technical solutions realise the creative design.

We are passionate about projects! There is nothing more satisfying than taking a project right through from the initial creative concept, to a delivered working system.

We often work on projects many years in advance of the planned opening date, with our involvement varying depending on the project requirements. 

At one end of the scale, we provide design advice and consulting at the start of a project to ensure smooth delivery when we come to program the systems for an AV integrator. 

At the other end of the scale we embark on large, longer term projects involving complete technical design, manufacture, programming, installation and project management of the systems.

Professional engineered projects delivered with passion. From concept to completion.