Turning up the heat in Abu Dhabi.


Hello to you all from poolside, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. There’s a clear blue sky, warm sun and a frozen beer by my side. This is the life! I feel a little like one of those crocodiles that Rich Kemp and I failed to find in Florida. They lie in the sun, recharging their energy. Well I can feel a little bit of solar power running through my veins now, dragging me out of the winter doldrums.

In case you’re wondering why I’m not working, this is only a brief pause in my schedule. I’m here to make an update to the RFID-based ride monitoring system at Ferrari World, which involves working when the park is closed. So before you think that I’ve landed myself a cushy number, remember that I’ll be having an early night, ready for a pre-dawn start to do as much as I can before the place opens tomorrow. Still, it is fantastic to be experiencing some warmth for a change, not including the heat generated by a gas fire and a turned-on-full central heating system, underneath a thick blanket on the sofa!

The UK weather has been, and still is, putting us through our paces this year. I mentioned previously that I’ve been travelling between a number of British clients, battling with treacherous conditions on the roads. It even snowed during my recent Audi work in Madrid! Prolonged bouts of snow and ice are following us into the spring, and our winter clothes are looking a little shabby. Maybe a trip to the mall in Dubai will be in order, after my meetings. I don't think there'll be much choice of warm coats, though.

Bear with me a moment whilst I just apply a little more suncream. There. I’ll be back in a moment, when I’ve been for a swim…

I may as well make the most of this glorious weather, because it’s short-lived. On Friday I return to England, where I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks (before another ‘Big O’ adventure) trying to not get hypothermia in Staffordshire. I’ll tell you a bit about that project when I have permission.

So before I turn over to 'do my back', I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. Cheers!

View from the balcony, with the big red Ferrari World building in the background.

View from the balcony, with the big red Ferrari World building in the background.