One man, many projects!

If it was the year 2099 then work would be so much easier. I’d clone myself so that I could be working on 3 projects at the same time, whilst still managing to maintain a presence at home. It would be great; I could make sure that the original ‘me’ was in the most exciting place, doing the juiciest work, while all of the DB ‘copies’ would be tackling everything else. I’d certainly love to never have to say ‘no’ to a client simply because there’s only one of me!

Well, as it’s only 2013 and I’m the only ‘me’ that there is, the diary’s pretty hectic at the moment and I’m whizzing from one thing to the next. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve just returned from Madrid, leaving Rob Strefford to supervise the operation of the Audi shows, including realigning the video projectors. As much as I’d love to have stayed in Spain to see out the Audi project, which has been an extremely intense and exhilarating experience, I’ve got other jobs to do. I’m off to Skipton tomorrow to do a little bit more work on IPWL’s semi-automatic welding bugs, then it’s straight down to St. Albans for a fortnight to start work on another project with a brand new client. This one is quite high profile (although still confidential – sorry!) and promises to be challenging but great fun, as usual. Without giving too much away, I'll be using Medialon Show Control software to control all the aspects of a broadcast specification theatre and a Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC Control System to control all the mechanical stage scenery, integrating them to create a new kind of visitor experience at a well known British company's Headquarters. Then I go straight to Barcelona to set up the show for another launch of the Audi A3 Sportback, again with Rob Strefford. Following that it’s off to Staffordshire for a couple of weeks. My Trip Advisor app is getting carried away, sending me all sorts of trophies for visiting all these new places! However, this sudden burst of UK-based jobs has meant buying my wife a new car because I keep using the family VW Caravelle, which is usually hers whilst I work overseas. A little sports hatchback that growls, nothing whatsoever to do with reliving our lost youth!

I’m working on the details of some other projects, mainly overseas, which will see me busy until the summer, and then I’m definitely going to take some time out to travel around Europe again with the family in our trusty green van. Theme Parks and shows beckon, this time for my entertainment! That’s the original, one-and-only me!