Seasons Greetings!


I'd like to wish you all a slightly belated best wishes for the Festive Season. I imagine that you've been far too busy with your family and friends to bother spending time on the internet, anyway. Or maybe not! But if, like me, you're a bit tired of decorations, droopy xmas trees and rich food (I'd mention alcohol, too, but that would be a lie) and have decided to have a sneaky play on the computer (probably in a different room, so you don't get moaned at or roped into one of many seasonal chores) then hello and welcome back!

It's newly quiet and civilised in the Birchall household today. Grandad has gone back to Scarborough, Granny has gone to the North West to visit family for a few days and the eldest child has gone to New Zealand to visit her cousins. So, after having a bursting household for a couple of weeks, it's down to a tiny 4 of us. The decorations are down and the house is once again tidy (thanks to my wonderful and never-complaining wife ;-) ). Calm is restored. Not that I don't love xmas, because I do. But there's only so much shopping, eating party food and family bickering that I can take before I want to get back to normal, whatever that is!

I wonder how many of you are trying to ignore arguing kids right now? 'That's mine!" 'I know, but I just want a little look,' 'But you can't, so go away!' That's what's happening in the next room. Oh, the joys! As much as I know that the eldest will have a wonderful time in New Zealand, and she probably won't miss us at all for the whole 3 weeks, it is a little sad to see her go. Yes, I know it means one third less moaning, laundry cooking, sleepovers etc. But it's hard when she doesn't even care enough to give you a hug! I guess she's making the point that if I can take off on my travels constantly then so can she. I hope she has an amazing time. Time passes so quickly and she's growing up so fast.

So, before I go and eat another plate of pate and crackers against a backdrop of Gangnam Style Vs noisy X Box games, I'd like to wish you all a very happy New Year, and here's hoping we all have a very successful and entertaining 2013. Cheers! (hic)